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People ask frequently about the void from 1976 until 2004, a time in which I was not producing my own artwork. It's really simple. My growing sons required feeding occasionally and I enjoyed a good meal myself. Unfortunately my artwork wasn't selling sufficiently well to ensure this steady supply of sustenance.

In 1976 I started a commercial-arts studio I named The Design Group here in Lynchburg. Initially I had one partner, Wendy Watkins Davis, but Nancy Blackwell Marion joined a few months later. The company's success required immense dedication and long hours.

For several years we worked 16-17 hours per day, seven days a week. This allowed no time and no energy for my own creative efforts. Over time, the frustration of not being able to produce my own work disappeared and I was content to manage the company.

As time went on and retirement age approached, I explored ways to use this new freedom. It quickly became evident that I was not finished with creative expression. I found a suitable studio at Riverviews Artspace, a downtown art community, and got back to work where I had left off.

I often wonder what kind of work I would be doing now if I hadn't had the small interruption -- the gap.

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